What You Can Do
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What You Can Do

The food system is us all: every action and effort counts!

The solution to food waste requires everyone to have a seat at the table. No matter what your background, skill-set or tastes are, there is room for you to make a difference.

Volunteer Hidden Harvest

Eat with Us


Joining us at the table for a meal is best way to begin your food-saving journey! We put a lot of love and thought into how to make our food experiences the most exciting and delicious way to spark the food waste conversation, be it community dinner or workshop. Featuring wild flavour combinations and crafty creations that’ll have you wanting to jump into your own kitchen pronto. 

Volunteer with Us


Hidden Harvest would not be possible without our incredible bunch of committed volunteers. Our volunteers are absolute go-getters who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. They help with everything from harvesting leftover produce, to creating wicked up-cycled dishes, to serving up tasty feast dishes and sparking lively conversations at events. Let us know if you’re keen by signing up below!

Collaborate with Us

We believe that the food waste conversation can value-add every event. So, if you’re organising an event that needs anything from catering to a spectacle to get people talking, Hidden Harvest has you covered. Let us know what you’re planning, and we’ll see what we come up with! Reach out here.

Who We Are 2 Hidden Harvest

Invest in Us

We believe it is vital to continue and expand the work that we have begun in the Illawarra. To do so, Hidden Harvest needs to transition into a true social-enterprise with a mix of paid and volunteer staff. Paid staff will bring stability and surety to the organisation and enable adequate support for our amazing volunteer base. In order for Hidden Harvest to continue our unique work in the greater community we need your support!