Welcome Hidden Harvest

Welcome To The Hidden Harvest Blog!

If you’re here reading our brand new blog *eep!* you have probably had a flick through our new website *eep eep!* and know what Hidden Harvest is all about, but here’s an overview:

We’re a community organisation based in the Illawarra region of Australia with the aim to provide the food-saving tools to build a sustainable future. While that seems like a pretty big task, we tackle the global issue of food waste with three simple ingredients:

1) We are fuelled by a team of volunteers

Over twenty passionate volunteers help Hidden Harvest to run workshops, community dinners, pop-up events and online initiatives! We couldn’t do what we do without their passion for community, sustainability and their friendly attitude.

2) Direct environmental impact

All our events help to not only transform leftover, surplus or wonky veg on the spot, but actively promote the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, specifically number 12.3: to halve food waste by 2030!

3) Active social empowerment

We are providing the community with a basis to start food-saving from their own home, to leave the fear of unknown foods behind and start to become creative inventors in the kitchen!

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