Dining in’s now an option, but wasting food isn’t

Here’s your guide to preventing food waste now that the eateries are open.

Now that the coronavirus restrictions are slowing being lifted and eateries are re-opening for business (yey!), eating out is the easy option after a long day at work, or uni, or if you just can’t be bothered to make dinner! You might find yourself in a situation where you’ve made dinner but been asked to go out for dinner with friends or family! But what can you do with the meal you’ve just made? Follow these tips to avoid wasting food when you eat out a lot!


If you’re a light eater then the massive restaurant portions have probably gotten the best of you in the past. Maybe you’re out with someone who is similar to you? If you can agree on a meal, then why not ask for two plates share it? This avoids the issue of wasting food and it leaves you with enough room for what’s most important… dessert!

Doggy-bag it

We are all guilty of going out for a meal and ordering way more than we can eat. In most situations our eyes can definitely be bigger than our stomachs. If you find yourself in this situation then just remember that the leftover food doesn’t have to go to waste. You can bag it! Most restaurants will offer containers for you to take your leftovers home but a pro tip would be to carry your own when you go out to avoid any plastic waste. This way you’ve got a delicious meal for lunch the next day and you’ve reduced food waste!

Order only what you can eat

If you’ve already got plenty of food in the fridge for tomorrow and don’t want to be taking home a doggy-bag, we find that it helps to only look at the appetisers and light meal sections of the menu. That way, you aren’t seeing all the other awesome meals you could have! Appetisers and light meals are a perfect option if you’re not too hungry! You’re able to finish a meal and avoid leftovers being wasted!

Freeze food you have at home

We’ve all been in that situation where dinner is prepared and suddenly you get an offer too good to refuse, a night out with friends or family! Most of us would take that offer over eating at home. Why not save that cooked meal by freezing it for another for another time. Remember that different foods have different freeze use-by times and methods. Keep an eye out for our freezer tips blog post in the coming weeks!


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