My Time at Hidden Harvest and what I’ve Learnt about Food Waste

By Nadia Conti

Over the past 12 weeks HH has been lucky to host two student interns from the University of Wollongong. Nadia has undertaken the role of Content Creation & Social Media Officer. Here’s what she had to say about her time with us.

This Internship at Hidden Harvest was my first taste of doing content creation and social media for an organisation, it was my first internship. Going into it, I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard of them and their mission to combat climate change but I wasn’t familiar with much else. I always thought that the issue of food waste lay with the big supermarkets and businesses and that it should be their responsibility to minimise their wastage. Since working with the people at Hidden Harvest I have learnt that I was wrong. The issue of food waste can be combated by everyone doing their part.

Hidden Harvest has given me the opportunity to practice the skills I have learnt at uni and prepare myself for future job opportunities. I have been given the opportunity to work on and design the #useitall campaign that educates the community on food waste and gives them the tools to minimise wastage at home, exploring what works and what doesn’t through research and testing. I have also been involved in the community group, highlighting the efforts of the community in how they minimise food waste in their homes through the Hidden Harvest Instagram stories. A new design each week meant a lot of creative thinking, something I wasn’t used to doing so often.

I have also been able to do a lot of blogging, a skill that I have developed over the past 4 years at University, but blogging for Uni and blogging for an organisation is very different. Learning the style and language took some getting used to but I was able to expand my writing style through lots of practice, writing blogs such as ‘When Life Gives You Lemons…’ and ‘5 Freezer Friendly Meals’. Every new task I was given allowed me to learn more about the issue of food waste and how to minimise it, something I enjoyed. 

But my time at Hidden Harvest taught me a lot more than how to effectively interpret analytics and design content. Creativity isn’t something that comes easy to me and when I do come up with creative ideas I generally lack confidence and second guess myself. Hidden Harvest is such a welcoming environment that confidence has been something I was able to develop because of the creative freedom and support I was given. 

I definitely thought that this internship would have been different and when I found out it would be remote I was skeptical, but even doing it remotely, I was still able to get the most out of it. The team at Hidden Harvest are the most welcoming and supportive group, and the environment is positive for everyone. My time here has taught me that we can all be part of the food waste solution, no matter how small our efforts are. I want to thank the entire team at Hidden Harvest for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow and a special thanks to my supervisor Em for personally helping and supporting me throughout my internship. 

Thank you Nadia for your excellent work!

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