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In The Media

SBS Food – 17 SEP 2019

You may love to cook food at home. But each night, as you’re carefully chopping, dicing and slicing ingredients, consider how much valued food you’re actually throwing away.

According to Foodwise, Australian households spend up to $1,000 a year on the food that we just throw out.

Yet the pre-loved food scraps that end up in your garbage – stems, leaves, overripe fruit, stale bread – can actually be used to add flavour and bulk to a host of meals. The trick is to know how to cook them.

“Cooking with food that is wasted or discarded is all about looking at what you have, deciding what can be delicious and how ingredients can work together,” says Sydney chef from Fred’s, Georgia Lahiff, who also leads Hidden Harvest’s Wasted Wednesdays kitchen.

How to Cook a No-Scrap Pumpkin Soup

ABC Illawarra – 1 Aug 2020

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Stanwell Park Eco Centre – 12 AUG 2020

I don’t think I’m the only person with bad habits when it comes to food waste; I arrive at the supermarket, having forgotten my shopping list (again) and end up buying more than I planned. It’s not until the end of the week when I’m cleaning out the fridge and find the bag of spoiled nectarines that were out of sight, behind the yoghurt.

Food waste is something that most people don’t think about on a day to day basis, but in terms of reducing individual environmental footprint, minimising food waste is something within our control that can make a big impact… read more

Illawarra Mercury – 22 Apr 2020

The not-for-profit organisation turned five in April but is no longer able to host more physical events because of COVID-19 restrictions.

But it will continue to educate people about food waste with food saving tips, messages of inspiration and workshops… read more

Illawarra Mercury – 17 OCT 2019

Illawarra Mercury – 17 SEP 2019

Illawarra Mercury – 13 AUG 2019

Ethical eating is taking off in Wollongong with Wasted Wednesday community dinners being held every two weeks… read more

ABC Illawarra – 8 AUG 2019

Illawarra Mercury – 6 AUG 2019

Wollongong’s most awarded restaurant Caveau is taking over the Hidden Harvest kitchen on Wednesday night for a community dinner with an important message… read more

SBS Food – 18 JUN 2019

Illawarra Mercury – 18 JUN 2019

A giant puppet, live music and free food pickling are happening in Crown Street, Wollongong, this week… read more

Illawarra Mercury – 1 APR 2019

Illawarra Mercury – 6 MAR 2019

Hidden Harvest finally has their first fixed space and hope to grow after being chosen for Renew Wollongong’s first space activation… read more

Coal Coast Magazine – 2019

Food wastage is an issue that’s been at the forefront recently, and for good reason. In Australia alone, the average household throws away $77 worth of edible food every week! Twenty per cent of food never makes it to the plate, which equates to $1036 per home… read more

From the archives

Illawarra Mercury – 16 OCT 2018

Fair Food Week will be celebrated in Shellharbour on Thursday… read more

Illawarra Mercury – 17 NOV 2017

A diverse cross-section of the Illawarra is to be served on a plate – from hatted chefs to cafes, cocktails and coffee from late November… read more

Illawarra Mercury – 8 NOV 2017

Rescued food will be the centrepiece of an exhibition opening that aims to spark tasty conversations at Wollongong’s Moving Mountains pop-up gallery on Thursday… read more

Peppermint Magazine – 18 OCT 2017

Illawarra-based group Hidden Harvest is on a mission to tackle food waste, one tasty plate at a time. Formed in 2015, the team holds pop-up events that spark lively conversation – transforming food that would have gone to waste into delicious feasts, and literally bringing the topic of discarded food to the table… read more

Quicksand Food – 2017

Hidden Harvest’s pop-up events across the Illawarra region plate gourmet food with a twist – all the ingredients have been rescued on their way to the garbage or compost bin… read more

Illawarra Mercury – 11 SEPT 2015

Imagine scrunching up $1000 in cold hard cash and throwing it in the bin – crazy, right?… read more