Hidden Harvest Cookbook

Hidden Harvest Launches Digital Cookbook

For quite a while now we’ve been working on a very special project. Today we’re so excited to launch the Hidden Harvest Kitchen Collection; a digital recipe book with a difference. Inside is everything you need to help you minimise food waste in your home, providing you delicious tips and recipes to help celebrate the under-utilised, overlooked, or often-wasted food that surrounds us.

Find out how to transform yesterday’s bread into French toast, or your surplus garden herbs into zesty salsa verde. Throughout this recipe collection we aim to inspire you to use anything and everything that you have leftover in the bottom of your fridge, or in the back of your pantry. Although all the recipes state certain ingredients, we want you to know that you can change them up to use what you have at home, before you go out and buy more. A few examples of this could be substituting brown onions for red onions, olive oil for vegetable oil, or caster sugar for coconut sugar. We believe in you!

We hope that this digital cookbook gives you the tools to tackle food waste from home and to take climate action in a delicious way today. We’re offering up our knowledge and beloved recipes for just $10 through our online shop (see the menu bar above). All proceeds will be directed into a special new venture we will be sharing in the near future.

Let us know how your cooking goes on the Hidden Harvest Community page on Facebook!

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