HH Toasties
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HH Toasties

Here’s what our toasties offer:

Save on staffing and resourcing costs – With just a toastie press, any staff member can serve a HH toastie within minutes. 



Healthy profit margin – We offer a very reasonable cost price so that you receive a high profit margin on your end. Let’s talk. 



Boost your sustainable image & tackle food waste – Bread is the most wasted food in Australia, due to the common fresh-is-best mentality. We like to re-think this, turning yesterday’s bread into crunchy delights and serving up a more sustainable future. It is our mission to tackle climate change, one toastie at a time.


A unique variety – Our plant & cheese based toasties are handmade from artisan loaves, layered with rescued produce and in-house Hidden Harvest pickles, chutneys and preserves. The dynamic nature of our toastie selection will reflect seasonality and provide you with an ever intriguing offer. 



Less wastage – Our toasties can be stored in the freezer for up to three months or three days in the fridge. Pull what you need out of the freezer for the next day. When defrosted and not sold, you still have 2 more days to sell them.



Always in stock – Due to the extended shelf life of our toasties and our weekly delivery, it is easy to manage your stock.

Sold wholesale to bars and cafe’s, here are a few places stocking our HH goods:


Keen to stock our toasties or for more info, email goods@hiddenharvest.com.au