A Guide to Seasonal Veggies

Growing veggies this Autumn season can seem difficult but with all this spare time we have in isolation it’s also the best time to get your veggie garden growing and thriving. The first step is to know what veggies will blossom in this weather. This guide will give you some of the best veggies to grow this season!


Plant these seeds in a spot that catches the sun and water regularly! After about 10 weeks these veggies will be ready to eat! Throw them in a salad or add them to your burger! Whatever you decide to do, they will make a great addition to your meal!


Plant these seeds in clumps of 2-3 where there is well drained soil and water regularly! In 6-8 weeks you can start harvesting your spinach. Pull out successful leaves every 3-4 weeks to encourage more growth!


Broccoli is the perfect autumn veggie! It goes great in stir frys and pastas or even as a side to a bigger meal! To grow organic broccoli all you gotta do is plant some seeds and water them until they develop broad leaves and eventually flowerheads! In about 10-16 weeks you’ll have all the broccoli you need!


Looking for some delicious crunchy carrots this season? All you need is lots of water and good soil that has a decent amount of compost! After about 12 weeks they will be ready to pick, however, feel free to pick them when they get to the size you want! These carrots will add lots of flavour to cakes and salads! 


To get your salad looking good this season why not try growing your own lettuce! Pick a sunny spot in your garden and plant the tiny seeds in clumps close to the surface. Water regularly to avoid bitter lettuce and in 7-8 weeks you’ll see ready to eat lettuce! Harvest every couple of weeks to extend the life of your crops!

These are just some of the awesome veggies you can grow this season but we know that not everyone has the time and space for a veggie garden. Out of season produce is generally low quality and expensive! In-season vegetables reduce your pesticide consumption and support a sustainable food economy! If you aren’t able to grow your own veggies then don’t forget to look for these autumn veggies and many more in store! 

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