A Food waste-free weekend

Ever wondered what life would look like if you implemented food-saving rituals into your own routine at home? As a HH volunteer, I’m compelled (no, obliged) to save as much food at home as humanly possible. I’ve compiled photos of some of the meals I made over the last couple of weekends when the fridge was almost empty, the veggies were looking a liiiittle worse for wares, and I was hungry for something tasty.

Leftover cauliflower fLeftried rice turned into tasty tacos

Let’s be honest. Any leftovers in a taco with some fresh coriander, slaw and avo would be delish. The cauliflower rice was particularly good because it had a spicy kick and the texture was reminiscent of what I remember of mince filling.

Veggie bake, veggie chips, veggie stock!

There is no excuse not to use every scrap of the veggies you would use to create a back-of-the-fridge veggie bake! Peels and leaves can be made into crunchy, salty crisps with a splash of oil in the oven. The bits that you can’t use for chips such as the tops, roots and leaves of leek can be boiled up with a bay leaf, some spices and garlic to make a hearty stock for the week.

Sad veggie vegan laksa

One of my all time favourite ways to use up old veg is to pop it into a curry or a soupy noodle laksa. For this one I added some of the veggie stock from the last meal to add a flavoursome base to the soup.


Again, the hero of this vegan pho is the home made veggie stock! Just add a splash of soy sauce, some water, your veggies of choice and some basil garnish for a super filling, brothy soup.

Vegan shakshuka

And last but not least, in fact, this was the highlight of this week’s meals – the vegan take on spicy shakshuka! Simmer a can of tomatoes with onion, garlic, paprika, cumin, coriander seeds and bay leaves. Add some tofu instead of egg and toast up some left over bread for a delicious savoury breakfast!

What do you cook at home to use up veg and get the most out of your groceries? Share your pics. tips, recipes and learn from others on our Hidden Harvest Community page.

Till next time

Em from HH

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