Fast Facts
  • Australians throw out  a whopping $8-10 billion of food every year. As a nation, we waste four million tonnes per annum of food which ends up in landfill.


  • Australians throw out 1 out of every 5 shopping bags, which equates to every Australian household throwing out $1,036 worth of groceries each year.


  • Australia produces enough food to feed approx. 60 million people, yet two million people still rely on food relief every year. 
Why does food waste matter?

Collectively, food loss and waste is responsible for a third of all food we produce never being eaten! That effectively means that a third of all farms and farmers across the world used precious resources such as water, nutrients and energy, for nothing. Harsh words, but it’s hard to argue with the facts. Once food ends up at the dump, it also releases methane, which is even worse for climate change than carbon dioxide.

Plus, your parents really were right when she said “think of all the hungry people out there” when you pushed your dinner around on your plate (although now we know they probs should have served you less). All in all, a pretty crappy situation.

How do we stop it? Here's 10 handy tips!