Volunteer With Hidden Harvest!

Keen to get involved with this awesome group of food waste warriors? You’re in luck! We have some super valuable vollie opportunities; perfect for crew who would love to stay involved but are strapped for time!!! We are currently working on a vollie calander, which will make it easy to lock yourself into a shift whenever you have a spare hour or two, but for now, here’s what’s on offer:


Commitment: Any Tue-Fri between 11am-2pm

What’s involved?

  • Set up self-serve buffet
  • Wash up

BONUS: Free lunch!


Commitment: Every Wednesday & Friday

What’s involved?

  • Collecting compost from 274 and dropping it off at your nearest community garden that will take compost.

BONUS: Connect in with your local community garden!


Commitment: Anytime between 8am-10am every Tuesday

What’s involved?

  • Pick up produce in Coniston @ Passion in Fruit (Unit 13, 2 Drummond St, Spring Hill) between 7am-10am
  • Unload produce @ 274 and store produce correctly in fridge
  • Upload a few snaps to HH crew FB page in prep for Pickle Pals & Wasted Wednesday

BONUS: Grab a bunch of FREE veg weekly!


Commitment: Every Monday & Tuesday

What’s involved?

  • Pick up rescued bread from Baker’s Delight on Monday or Tuesday evening 6:55pm and drop it to 274 that same evening or morning after.

BONUS: Score yourself a week’s worth of free bread!

Core Team Positions

The core team are the driving force of Hidden Harvest and are an exciting bunch of people with a shared passion! These positions are still volunteer roles, however do call for a little bit more commitment. Are you up for it?! Come join us!


Commitment: Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month

We’re on the hunt for an ultimate Pickle Pal Champ who is passionate about saving produce!

Responsibilities include:

  • Undertake stock take and fill out re-stock / order form accordingly
  • Take comments on recipes (both on procedure for chutneys made at present meet and for the chutneys resulting from previous meet)
  • Ensure all equipment is packed away in right boxes / containers and are ready to go for next time
  • Help with loading boxes into car
  • Clean out sink
  • Drain dishwasher
  • Make sure bathroom is locked and key in original position
  • Make sure all appliances are turned off (stove tops, speaker), turn lights off & lock doors. Place key in info box

Commitment: 4-6hrs/ wk on Thursday or Friday

We are looking for someone to work alongside our amazing Grace to develop and run food waste reduction events!

Responsibilities include:

  • Brainstorming potential Food Waste education projects
  • Project development (incl. scoping and research)
  • Delivery of existing programs (e.g. co-facilitate our regular hands-on cooking workshops & community dinners)
  • Impact evaluation
  • Additional administrative and research tasks

Commitment: 4-6 hrs/ wk on Thursday or Friday

We’re looking for a social media guru who is capable of contributing to the media and communications for Hidden Harvest whilst we strive to reach more members of our community for an even bigger impact.

Responsibilities include:

  • Extend and execute media and communication strategy through research, platform determination, benchmarking, messaging and audience identification.
  • Generate, edit, publish and share content on social media and through the monthly newsletter, that builds meaningful connections and encourages community members to take action.
  • Continuously improve by capturing and analysing the appropriate social data/metrics, insights and best practices, and then acting on the information.
Any of these positions tickle your fancy? Drop us a line today!