In a Nutshell

As a not-for-profit organisation, we upskill our community by giving them the tools and forks to tackle food waste and shape a sustainable food future.

We celebrate the ignored, overlooks or surplus (by-) products of our food system. With our regular pop-up events, we facilitate the big conversations about food waste in a fun and lively setting, where all are welcome! Essentially, the HH fam reaches out to the community with great food that wouldn’t normally make it on the plate. By doing this, we hope to activate #MoreTasteLessWaste decisions in people’s everyday routines. Part of the food waste solution requires an ongoing conversation with our community about their relationship to food and the food waste issue. Hidden Harvest does this by bringing communities together through pop-up events and workshops that creatively engage and empower our community to make more conscious decisions in their daily food routines.

Our Mission

All events hosted by Hidden Harvest provide a food experience with food that would have otherwise gone to waste.  We normally rescue these products from local farms and grocery stores. This means that in the three years that Hidden Harvest has been running, we have directly saved a substantial amount of food just through catering our events! For the primary targets of our recent campaigns  “More Taste, Less Waste” included turning 500 kg of quality food from landfill into appetising dishes for our event guests.